Graduation – Midwestern University, Glendale

This beautiful, amazing woman just graduated from medical school so she requested to have her photos taken right on the campus she was graduating from.  I am always happy to do so as long as security doesn’tkick me off of course!  The campus was a perfect choice for the type of photos she wanted and had a beautiful water feature that we took full advantage of.  I always love to shoot right up until the sun is gone and as long as my client’s will let me!  She was a lot of fun to work with and I wish her a great deal of success and happiness as she continues on into her residency!5F4A83575F4A83625F4A83725F4A83865F4A83905F4A83925F4A83965F4A84055F4A84205F4A84275F4A84375F4A84425F4A84635F4A84685F4A84735F4A84765F4A84825F4A84895F4A84965F4A85055F4A85135F4A85145F4A85215F4A8524

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